Cuddle and Hug therapy service offerings

Cuddle and hug therapy will be added to the list of TRICS service offerings as of today, March 15th 2022. These services can be provided in person and they can be implemented virtually : Remotely Influenced virtual hug therapy - RIVHT

Here is a link to a page I had created on my cuddle and hug therapy service offerings. It's from my Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI site.

Here is a link to my paypalme site. If you'd like to book a RIVHT session, I charge a very modest fee of £3 for this service. I will provide a link to the payment page below.

For those people lacking funds for RIVHT, I can do the healing at 0 cost.

The great thing about RIVHT is the fact that clients can be based in countries across the globe. The hug energies are transmitted through the internet. You will have to email me first though to set up an appointment and to arrange payment.