TRICS - The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution

My name is Anand Sule. I had developed my own Remote Influencing (RI) system back in 2002 when I had lived in Sunnyvale, California, USA. I said had developed, but actually the development of my Remote Influencing system is ongoing. The learning and exploration is perpetual in  nature. I have incorporated elements of spirituality, management consulting and personal development - which covers vast areas, into my system of Remote Influencing. The full name of the system is: The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution - TRICS.  TRICS is a new form of Remote Influencing therapy.  I am therefore a Remote influencing therapist. TRICS is categorized as a creative form of talk therapy.

However, to make things easier to remember and to define, we can call it a form of Remote Influencing consulting. TRICS can and will blend in with other forms of consulting, coaching and training. TRICS is an online solution. In person, brick and mortar based work can be implemented too if required. 

In 2008, I had my book self-published, The Remote Influencer 2. I wrote just the one book. There's a reason why I chose the aforementioned title. It's a long story. I'll write about this topic in one of my blogs in the near future. Even though I had my book published in 2008, I had started doing research for my book in late 2002. I have one chapter in my book, dedicated to life coaching.

I had predicted the growth of online life coaching in my book. Here is a sentence from my book:

Life coaches have helped people to reach their goals through the internet and the phone.

Remote influencing life coaching

I will now be incorporating remote influencing life coaching into